The Victoria Best cast-iron skillet Fry Pan Review

the Victoria 12-inch cast-iron skillet

The Victoria Best cast-iron skillet Fry Pan Review

Technical Details

Product Type Victoria cast-iron skillet Color Black
Star 4.6 Stars (4.6 / 5) Product Weight 6.3 pounds
Price Check Latest Price Product Dimensions 20.5 x 13.2 x 2.8 inches
Read Reviews Amazon Customer Reviews Size Small/Medium/Large
Material Type cast-iron Manufacturer Victoria
If our leading pick offers out (which is extremely not likely), the Victoria 12-inch cast iron pot can be an excellent runner-up. It’s bigger pour spouts and a generous cooking area. It performed in cooking eggs and searing steaks on a par with the Lodge, however it didn’t provide us as tidy a release on cornbread. The manufacturer seasoning is thinner than Lodgeis, so it’s going to require some extra rounds of seasoning in your home. The longer stick handle makes the pan appear much heavier, although the Victoria weighs a lb significantly less than the Hotel and throws off the weight distribution.

Victoria’s cooking area measures 10 1/4 inches (a bit bigger compared to Hotel at 10″). The steep sides are far more rounded than our leading pick, which benefits blending pan sauces, and the shape enables to press the capability restricts a bit (significance you can squeeze in another piece of bacon). The Victoria skillet yielded the exact same browning on the edges, mostly consistent with slight spottiness as the Lodge, when searing steaks.

Bigger pour spouts imply easier draining of meat drippings. Victoria’s large spouts enabled us to put off hot oil with no simple spill. The longer stay handle is formed in a manner that makes you understand it to completion. This isn’t really perfect for a cast-iron skillet, because the heavy weight is finest handled whenever your hand is blocked about the handle. For easy manipulation, we needed to utilize the helper handle for stability, which huges and comfy to accept a towel.

Victoria’s factory seasoning was 2nd to Lodge in our tests, when we inverted our cornbread, where 25 percent of the crust stayed with the pan and it showed. When we fried eggs—which was after 2 additional rounds of seasoning– they launched with no battle or scraping and the last test. The Victoria isn’t really as cook-prepared in the factory because the Lodge, however it can arrive rapidly.

Victoria cast-iron cookware includes a lifetime warranty that safeguards versus craftsmanship defects.

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