The Best support insole for women – Superfeet Blueberry Insole Review

Superfeet Blueberry

The Best support insole for women – Superfeet Blueberry Insole Review

Technical Details

Product Type Superfeet Blueberry Color Blueberry
Star 4.8 Stars (4.8 / 5) Product Weight 1.2 pounds
Price Check Latest Price Product Dimensions 10 x 8 x 2 inches
Read Reviews Amazon Customer Reviews Moisture Wick with Odor Control Yes
Superfeet Blueberry, our women’s support insole pick, is more than simply a “pink” variation of our men’s pick. A variety of research studies have actually been carried out to show female feet are not just scaled-down versions of male feet. Males and female’s feet vary in a variety of shape characteristics, especially at the ball of the foot, the lateral aspect of the foot, the very first toe, and the arch. A variety of companies have actually considered these differences to develop and produce women’s insoles.

Superfeet Blueberry integrates the exact same high-quality materials Superfeet Green, as our men’s pick, however a with a style to much better fit most women. Blueberry insoles consider how physiological structures of women’s feet are various than men’s, for example women getting a greater foot and smaller arc size. Your select is flexible enough to become the best choice for a number of activities and different shoe styles and provides both cushion and support. A diagonal closed-foam top cover offers an appropriate level of padding over a supporting plastic arch support. And although it will not suit every shoe, we discovered Blueberry match a large number of informal and athletic shoe styles in testing.

It won’t fit all women, though the Superfeet Blueberry is developed particularly for women’s feet. For women with larger than average feet, Superfeet Green or WideGreen ready alternatives (we have no idea of any insole that’s women-specific and broad at the exact same time). Once again, every pair of Superfeet insoles includes a 60-day guarantee, in store ought to not be a problem or so exchanging models ordered online.

These will not work with very narrow dress shoes or any high heel. In order to assist manage the mechanics of the foot space is needed by supportive insoles and there is just no extra room in these types of shoes. Superfeet and other brand names offer tiny little insoles for these circumstances, however they offer hardly any support.

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