The Best Standing Desks – Ergodriven Spark Review

Ergodriven Spark

The Best Standing Desks – Ergodriven Spark Review

Technical Details

Product Type Ergodriven Spark Color Blue Grey
Star 4.4 Stars (4.4 / 5) Product Weight 3.8 pounds
Price Check Latest Price Product Dimensions 23.5 x 16.5 x 5 inches
Read Reviews Amazon Customer Reviews Size Large/Medium/Small
Material Type Cardboard Brand Name Ergodriven
Most of the cheap standing “desks” winding through crowdfunding sites, or available for purchase, aren’t far a lot better than putting your laptop on the tall stack of books. They concentrate on just increasing your laptop, making your throat bent or both hands placed also expensive. The Spark by Ergodriven, by contrast, is available in 3 sizes, with sufficient space in between work and your screen surface to offer decent ergonomics, a minimum of if you’re changing in between standing and sitting every hour or two. For under the cost of the burger, beer, tax, and suggestion, you can establish a small standing station throughout your office or home, and without creating a weekend task of it (sorry, Standesk 2200).
Many times folds up and over under itself, producing a sturdy platform that reduces shake and vibration as you type. It may help numpad included, a full keyboard, plus a mouse, and it has some useful cord-holding hooks on each side for them. If you wanted, it could hold a monitor; because corrugated cardboard is awesome, it might hold more than 100 pounds, truly. You choose whether to increase a mousing surface down for the left or best side of the Spark if you are developing it.3 That enables you to keep your keyboard consistent with your laptop screen– much better for your neck than many cardboard or plastic standing units, which require your hands’ resting keyboard position somewhat off to either side.

With its focused, somewhat downward-tilted keyboard shelf, and 3 designs rather of the one size-suits-all style, the Interest is more attuned to ergonomics and that people have different-size bodies than its competitors is, however it’s far from ideal. The height of the Spark’s leading shelf, where your laptop sits, varies a lot depending upon which size you get, and only a little bit moves. That implies the largest Spark gets a more natural and wider distance between the laptop screen and the keyboard, and the smaller heights will likely cause slight arm raises or more neck tilt. Very little can be done about this for any other fixed standing desk or the Spark; still, 3 size options are much better than one.

The biggest downside for the Spark is its appearances, which bear the trade-off cheap flat-pack and for stability shipping and construction. The exposed sides of the cardboard are tough, as well as the break-off perforations leave a couple of steps on some tips. The flat orange-grey color is inoffensive, however not as widely trendy as black or white. The Ergodriven brand within the centre of its back appears a bit much, however might be concealed with a bumper sticker.

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