Puro Sound Labs Kids Volume Limiting Bluetooth Wireless Premium Kids Headphones Review


Puro Sound Labs Kids Volume Limiting Bluetooth Wireless Premium Kids Headphones Review

Technical Details

Product Type Puro BT2200 Color 5 Colors
Star 4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5) Product Weight 5.4 ounces
Price Check Latest Price Product Dimensions 7.1 x 1.8 x 7.8 inches
Read Reviews 160+ Customer Reviews Headphone Fit On-Ear
standby 200 hours Warranty 1-year full Warranty
Of the 30 headphones we evaluated, the Puro BT2200 was the sole model that of our kid testers, big and little, agreed on. The capability to fit and attract a wide variety of head sizes and ages of a model is key if one pair will be shared amongst brother or sisters or if you desire headphones that’ll increase together with your child over a couple of years.
Your big kids liked the “comfy match, excellent audio, comfortable earpads, and color.” additionally they really liked having Wireless like a feature, accepting that “itis good lacking a cord.” Four-year-old Evan announced, “I never need something but Bluetooth headphones again!” Their older brother, Dylan, said, “The Pokémon soundtrack seems great on these. It is the greatest ever! I am likely to pay attention to it for your remainder of my life!” Striking statements, indeed.

Of the 30 headphones we evaluated, the Puro BT2200 was the sole model that of our kid testers, big and little, settled on.
Our little kids liked them also, as being one of the headphones pointing to the BT2200 they would want most. Both the earpad size and the headband were comfy on our toddler panel’s noggins. They acclimated quickly, while the younger panelists required support starting with the Bluetooth connection, when the music played. The simple buttons on the side consist of power on and off a volume control, and a Bluetooth button that controls controls for pausing and playing music, as well as pairing, and answering telephone call.

Mentioning Bluetooth, in our tests the Puro exceeded its super-long declared battery life of 18 productive hours. We noticed a warning beep at 22 hours, 16 units, and the BT2200 lastly passed away at 22 hours, 25 minutes. So offered that you charge the Puro sometimes, your kids should not be at danger of lacking juice (a handy feature for a product that might not constantly wind up where you anticipate it to become at the conclusion of your day). And when you need to do forget to cost it, the Puro pair includes a volume-reducing cable, also, so your child will not lack headphones. One massive caveat, nevertheless: The BT2200 than it will over Bluetooth, will play louder through the consisted of cable. Plus, you’ll have to ensure to connect the cable in the correct direction when they’re using it, and supervise your child. ( Okay, so 3 cautions. We will discuss more about why they matter listed below.).

Together with the cable, the BT2200 includes a zippered travel case, which will assist protected on trips and to keep the headphones clean. Puro has actually likewise made these headphones quite durable: We stepped on them and flexed the headband, bent, and typically mashed them as much as make sure they might deal with accident or the occasional tough love. The BT2200 is not unbreakable, however it ought to have the ability to take exactly what a kid dispense (as long because the kid is old enough or accountable sufficient to handle an audio player or tablet).

Music fans will more than happy to understand that this Puro model likewise sounds fantastic. Of all the headphones we evaluated for this information, the Puro BT2200 was most friendly to discerning adult ears and the best sounding, far much better than the majority of the competitors, which coarse at best, muffled, and often sounded muddy. It’s clear that the company invested a long time tuning the overall sound and this Puro set has quality drivers.
In our tests that sound was healthy; any other overwhelmed. The highest highs were an impression veiled, as well as the feminine vocal selection was a little forward in comparison to the sound of likewise priced headphones for grown-ups, however it was definitely not objectionable, and this is really a minor quibble. If our brains were a little smaller we ‘d more than happy paying attention to these headphones on a journey ourselves.

One concern we discovered in numerous Amazon reviews for children headphones was that of moms and dads fretted that volume limits may make volume-reducing headphones unusable on an airplane, as they would not have the ability to play music loud sufficient to muffle the sounds of the flight. To resolve this concern, let’s very first discuss plane noise. In a declaration to BBC Potential, Pamela Mason of the American Talk-Vocabulary-Hearing Association stated, “The noise throughout a typical plane journey can differ considerably. Liftoff and landing would be the loudest moments, when noise levels within the cabin may reach 105 decibels (dB). Noise drops to around 85 dB.” at cruising altitudes

Anything over 90 dB can lead with long enough exposure to hearing damage, as we discussed above. And as the BBC Future article towards the back of a plane, “On older aircraft, or points out, noise levels can frequently get near to this limit.” Plainly, subduing the plane noise isn’t really the safest solution. Puro tried to fight this issue by creating the BT2200 a noise isolating design, therefore the headphones can both enable listening at quieter levels and block out environmental noise. As well as the organization did quite a congrats.

To evaluate the look in a genuine-planet environment, I vacuumed our house listening to an audiobook and while wearing the Puro BT2200. I didn’t even have to max out the volume to listen to what completely. Some airplane cabin noise also blasted from speakers, even though the Puro pair did not do also using the lower-frequency sounds, I was quickly able to listen to the audiobook at 80 percent volume. Therefore, offered that the BT2200 is seated properly over your child’s ears (match is constantly crucial with any set of headphones), in property options your youngster truly should not have to surpass safer limits to know their media.

Today, may be the sound quality in noisy environments as perfect just like person active-noise-cancelling headphones, or as separating just like studio headphones? No. sound good, We ‘d like to see separating headphones that kids discover wearable, and have safer volume levels. However in the lack of the model that handles those angles, we figured as long since the child might hear the program they were viewing, that sufficed, thinking about that the ultimate goal was to safeguard the child’s hearing.

As for the volume limits, within safer levels the Puro BT2200 measured in our tests. The BT2200 measured at 85, while you can see within the chart below, inning accordance with our findings.0 dBA when utilized wirelessly, and at 85.2 dBA red sound/90.3 dBA audio Leq when utilized with the provided cable placed in the correct direction. (Doing as it sounds that isn’t as straightforward; you’ll have to beware. More on that listed below.) Those outcomes are conveniently close sufficient to the WHO standards for us to identify that this design satisfies our safety standards.

Keep in mind, nevertheless, that as Brent discussed within our screening-strategy description above, when utilized attached, a supply with increased energy may improve any headphones’ volume– consisting of that of our choices– beyond suggested varieties. As such, utilizing the set over Wireless is our recommended method of hearing. (Additionally, when a kid utilizes the headphones wirelessly, they have no chance to prevent the volume restricting.) So if the battery does go out, make sure to plug that cable in the correct way, otherwise the resistor/volume reducer will not work correctly.

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