Meinl Percussion SCAJ1LB-NT Birch Wood Mini Snare Cajon Review

Meinl Percussion SCAJ1NT-BU Birch Wood Mini Snare Cajon

Meinl Percussion SCAJ1LB-NT Birch Wood Mini Snare Cajon Review

Technical Details

Product Type Meinl Percussion SCAJ1LB-NT Color 5 Colors
Star 3.9 Stars (3.9 / 5) Weight 1.8 pounds
Price Check Latest Price Product Dimensions 5.5 x 5.8 x 8.5 inches
Read Reviews 40+ Customer Reviews Warranty 2-year Warranty
The term cajon is Spanish for container, as well as the musical cajon is simply that: a wooden box that creates comfortable, percussive tones when hit using the fingers and hands. Numerous cajons are big enough to rest on and can produce a variety of noises from thumping bass into a sibilant snare (as a result of group of snare springs concealed inside the box). Cajons have actually ended up being popular in acoustic music circles partially since they are less sonically overwhelming than a complete drum kit and so much simpler. But there is a full-size cajon probably still not too small to carry on an outdoor camping journey. For those thinking about the cajon sound in a less expensive and much smaller package, we suggest the Meinl Mini Cajon. The internet consumer Reg Gary, aka the Cajon Guy, calls it “a should- have.” Certainly this smaller instrument will not provide the lower tones of the large cajon, however it does offer lots of percussive punch in higher registers. They frequently are– attempt this boom box when drums are too loud—and.

Presenting the new MEINL Mini-Cajon! With the functions of a complete size Cajon, the Mini-Cajon will look fantastic in your desk or coffee table with Natural Birch and an Almond Birch body front plate and is fun to play. The Mini-Cajons from Meinl Percussion are enjoyable to carry around and easy to play. At 14 cm high, these miniature versions have to do with 1/6 the size of the normal Cajon. They’re made from birch wood that is understood for its excellent musical tone (made well-known in drum set shell building). The additional slim front plate is attentive to the lightest finger rolls. Delight in spontaneous jam sessions in your home or at the office. The Mini-Cajon is likewise a great gift idea.

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