LG Electronics OLED65E6P Flat 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV Review


LG Electronics OLED65E6P Flat 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV Review

Technical Details

Product Type LG OLED65E6P Color Black
Star 4.6 Stars (4.6 / 5) Product Weight 54.7 pounds
Price Check Latest Price Product Dimensions 57.5 x 35.2 x 7.9 inches
Read Reviews 60+ Customer Reviews Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty
Resolution 4K ULTRA HD Size 2 size
Smart Functionality Yes Built-in Wi-Fi Yes
If you want to pay a premium for it and want the absolute best TV available, the LG E6 OLED TV isn’t simply this year’s best TV however likewise the very best TV we’ve ever evaluated. The contrast ratio on an OLED Television is really unlimited, while other companies declare luxurious powerful contrast ratios due to their TVs. You receive more visible “pop” than on other display you can discover, because of that. The results look more reasonable, less “TV -like” than on other tv.
The E6 OLED deals support for high dynamic range and wide color gamut, as well as Ultra HD resolution. The E6 also supports Dolby Vision, HDR10 and both HDR standards, so it’s suitable with all current HDR content.

The E6 may create shows as much as 640 cd/m ² in brightness, over 4 times better than a conventional TV (which creates around 120 to 150 cd/m ² when correctly established). Some LCD-based HDR TVs can get better, however not using the absolute blacks that the OLED such as the E6 can accomplish. So on this set, HDR content truly shines (pun meant).

Colors are precise about the E6, even with no professional calibration. Compared to in 2015’s OLED, the E6 uses a level broader color range (95-percent of DCI-P3 rather of 84 to 86 percent like in 2015), so it can reveal more of the colors offered in Ultra HD loading and Ultra-HD blu ray films.

Aside from the excellent image, other elements of this LG TV are fantastic, too. The E6 (like OLEDs in basic) uses larger viewing angles than a TELEVISION, therefore it works much better for extensive seating areas. The E6 likewise gets the thinnest design we have seen, that is stating something. It produces just 34 ms of feedback lag in sport style, therefore it is effective for video gaming. And if you wish to hold it around the wall, it utilizes a basic VESA mounting bracket.

All those functions are simply the icing. The dessert may be the picture quality, which really is much much better than that of different high end TVs. The LG E6 OLED appears fantastic with whatever: TV, sports, streaming, you call it. The color accuracy, the absolute blacks, the brightness, and the superb viewing angles all integrate for an amazing image. And you do not need to purchase a brand-new Ultra HD HDR version of the film you currently own to obtain an improved experience (although the HDR version will appear even much better).

LG does offer a considerably less expensive (about $1000 less in the time we evaluated) flat OLED called the B6, however we have not had a chance to evaluate that model yet. Reviews from Rtings.com and CNET recommend that it uses practically the exact same image as the E6, although it utilizes a different processor compared to E6, therefore the image quality may differ. Another expert we spoke with stated a result that was better is produced by the E6 compared to B6 in low light regions of the picture, which disputes with those other reviews, however we have not had the ability to see for ourselves. The B6 will still look much much better than either the Vizio or even the Sony practically all of the time, although to get a much more money even if that holds true. The B6’s audio isn’t really as great as the E6’s, however many people will desire a separate stereo with a TV of this quality anyhow. The B6 likewise does not support 3D though that didn’t element into our decision, whereas the E6 does. In the meantime, we’re sure about how great the E6 is, and we are uncertain enough to make it a pick, though we are fairly positive the B6 readies. That stated, it’s most apt to become a good-looking Television, and when we can test it ourselves, or if we see more of the consensus about its picture quality, we’ll think about making it our upgrade pick in location of the E6.

The LG E6 is not really ideal, obviously, however it is as near to perfection as we have actually seen in a TV, and it uses an enhancement that you’ll discover. Either it or the B6 will use an image exceptional compared to that of both of our options, however for two times the cost. The more costly LG E6 uses the very best picture of any TV we’ve ever evaluated.

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