ICETrekkers Diamond Grip Traction Cleats Nonslip Traction Devices Review

ICETrekkers Diamond Grip Traction Cleats

ICETrekkers Diamond Grip Traction Cleats Review

Technical Details

Product Type ICETrekkers Color metal color
Star 4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5) Product Weight 3.2 ounces
Price Check Latest Price Product Dimensions
Read Reviews 360+ Customer Reviews Size W5-10.5+/M5-13+
We selected the ICEtrekkers Diamond Grip (aka the Yaktrax Diamond Grip; the items are the exact same) as our preferred all-around traction aid. Their bonded, low profile, metal chains are included with surged “traction beads” offer great grip on many slippery surfaces, consisting of difficult- jam-packed snow and somewhat -textured snow. The rubberized control that keeps them in location is difficult and resilient however still simple to handle and off, and the traction beads assist fall if you were to capture bigger spikes on an uneven surface or get rid of the danger of an embarrassing trip.

Each one of the traction beads, put on aircraft-grade steel cable, has 6 angled points to ensure that regardless of how they are focused, there are constantly lots of “toothed” surfaces going down in the ground. For practically any conceivable city usage, consisting of inclined or smooth, level ice ice that’s some consistency to it, the Stone Grips provide a wonderful stability of civilized behavior, durability, and traction. The ICEtrekkers Diamond Grip offer the very best combination of traction and resilience in many conditions for many users.

The only problem is that those straight points are not huge, so easy, “plastic” ice having a slick of water onto it– you will wish to purchase more aggressive ice grippers if conditions get really extreme—say. Likewise, if you’re extremely light, you may not push the spikes far enough to the ice to obtain good traction.

It’s still simple to take on over shoes so long as you receive the proper size for the shoes, although the harness around the ICEtrekkers Diamond Grip just includes a bit of stretch to it; once it’s on the tough harness stays put.

In an 2013 Athlete’s World overview of ice cleats for athletes, the ICEtrekkers Diamond Grip draws a great deal of appreciation for the method the traction beads spin simply enough to keep snow from blocking them up, and testers loved their performance for running in a range of conditions too. The Diamond Grips likewise obtain a nod in the Appalachian Mountain Club for their difficult, low-profile traction, and they’re a long-lasting favorite of REI users. Their guarantee covers production problems, without any time frame provided.

It’s difficult to defeat the Diamond Hold for several-around performance on practically any shoes. However if you’re extremely light, you may not have sufficient body weight to obtain the very best traction from the low-profile spikes about the traction beads. I got good traction out of them and weigh about 150 pounds, however someone who weighs about 30 pounds more was much more steady; he stated he could not make them slide, even if he attempted. Although that means a difficult, protected match, so long as they’re measured properly to fit your shoes, the harness likewise isn’t really rather as elastic as exactly what you’ll discover on other traction aids.

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