A healthy lawn grows quickly, and you’ll have to select the very best gas mower to fit the needs in your lawn if you desire your grass to possess a clear, even cut. Our mower reviews have plenty of helpful tips, as are our articles about lawn care and gas lawn mowers. Discovering the mower that fits your budget as well as your needs does not need to become a daunting task.


We got the mowers over multiple yards with various grass types within our selection to get a real world check and thicknesses. We assessed the responsiveness of each mower, how evenly the lawn cut, and how well it performed with short and tall grass as we mowed. We discovered that the very best gas mower mastered the following categories.


Mower all carry out the exact same function, however their efficiency depends upon the width of their cutting paths and numerous factors, for example how well they cut. We discovered the mowers having a cutting path of 21 inches or even more decreased the time it required to cut our lawns.

Depending upon your personal preference, as well as the type of grass you have, you ought to think about the cutting heights of all the devices in our mower reviews. Some lawn types are designed for being cut very short, while some appearance perfectly at a medium or longer length. Make sure to inspect whether your mower will provide the optimal clearance you need to you. The mowers on our lineup as high as 4 inches and can go as little as 3/4 of an inch.

When you’ve a large lawn, how big the grass bag is likewise essential, particularly if have to bag the grass to obtain rid of it and you overlook to cut for a couple of weeks. You do not wish to need to stop mowing a bag full of clippings to empty. We discovered that the gas mower with a 2-bushel bag have the ability to hold more without hindering your mowing and have to be cleared less frequently. How frequently you have to clear your mower bag is likewise proportional to the length of one’s grass, so make sure if you do not wish to overburden your garbage to mow often can.


Each mower is distinct, and there are distinctions that can make it simpler to cut your yard, while they look similar. We found through screening the weight of the mower made an effect on each machine’s overall maneuverability. If you should be never as powerful as your burly next door neighbor is, search for a lightweight mower. This can make mowing a big or hilly yard a lot easier, particularly if you need to cut around flowerbeds and trees often.

Engine size could create a huge difference in how well your grass cuts on, although we discovered that mowers which have atleast a 150 cc engine have lots of capacity to reduce the typical lawn. You do not have to have the biggest engine to obtain the very best results. Handle height and padding are significant contributing factors when mowing to how comfortable you can be. If you are over 6 feet high, make sure to search for a mower having an adjustable handle that allows you to cut without hunching, like the Husqvarna and Craftsman models on our lineup. Our testers discovered that deals with which have some foam or rubber padding decrease hand and arm fatigue significantly compared with mowers that do not have any.

Self-Propelled Lawn Mowers

Mowing does not need to be a taxing exercise, particularly if you select a lawn mower that’s built-in self-propulsion. Directing a self-propelled lawn mower across the yard can appear mostly simple and easy, making it simpler for you to cut their lawn, despite your stamina. Our lineup of push mowers deserves a look, if you are searching for a mower that assists you get some exercise.

There are a couple of kinds of propulsion the mowers on our lineup are geared up with: top-, rear- and all-wheel drive. Top-wheel drive is perfectly when your mower has lots of weight in the leading to maintain the wheels around the ground. However until you are mowing up an incline continuously, you might need to press more to maintain the mower going. Rear- because the weight of the bag assists provide traction to the wheels wheel drive will be the most common propulsion system and works. All-wheel drive is fantastic for mowing around obstacles, however it frequently makes the mower harder to pull back when the mower is not on or move.

Self-propelled mowers typically have a single speed, however the very best self-propelled mower have variable speed controls that change the speed to your strolling speed. Some have like a deal with that changes with the pressure you put on it, the Cub Cadet SC 500 EZ or, thumb controls.

Best Lawn Mowers for Mulching

Mulching may be the procedure of the lawn mower blade slicing up grass clippings into fine pieces while mowing, as you pass them over. This reduces the waste since the clippings are cut into such little, fine pieces, and to be bagged or raked, they dry and disintegrate rapidly, offering nutrients for the origins of the grass. Numerous states and neighborhoods have limitations on green garbage disposal, for putting grass clippings inside your regular trash pickup with possible fines. In mulching mode, a great way to prevent fines and provide your garden a natural fertilizer is to utilize your gas lawn mower.

Mulching is most efficient having a maintained lawn and dry grass. Attempting to cut and mulch with wet grass leads to clumps and a frequently blocked blade. Some are more effective than others, while all of the mowers on our selection may mulch. The Honda models within our selection have excellent mulching capabilities thanks for their specialty blades, as well as the Toro Personal Speed does an excellent work also. Press mower such as these can assist keep your lawn wearing yourself out raking your yard or looking good without needing to fill your trash bin with messy clippings.


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