Black+Decker Max Lithium Flex Vacuum BDH2020FLFH Handheld Vacuum Review


Black+Decker Max Lithium Flex Vacuum BDH2020FLFH Handheld Vacuum Review

Technical Details

Product Type Black+Decker Max Lithium Flex Vacuum BDH2020FL Color Black
Star 4.2 Stars (4.2 / 5) Product Weight 2.56 ounces
Price Check Latest Price Product Dimensions 14.4 x 10.7 x 6.5 inches
Read Reviews 620+ Customer Reviews Warranty 2-year Warranty
3 Stage filtration system Yes Additional Features cordless/cyclonic/pet hair/portable/Washable filter
The Black+ Decker Max Lithium Bend Machine BDH2020FL is the most popular portable machine since the versatile 4- foot line and clip on accessories assist where other handhelds struggle, it clean and reach awkward spots around your house and vehicle. The suction is strong enough to deal with most common types of debris. It’s A16-second, no-fade run time, which ought to suffice to provide most vehicles a thorough tidy-up.

Limit Flex Vac’s average price at or listed below $100 is a great price, plus it frequently goes on sale, however at other times it can be costly (have a look at the product’s price history for the complete context). The suction strength readies however not incredible, and it might battle with large debris like leaves. However provided its flexibility and relative cleaning strength, we believe it is one of the most well rounded portable machine you will get, if you will utilize it routinely around your home and your car.

Limit Flex Vac seems similar to a miniature canister vacuum when compared to a traditional DustBuster-style handheld, however the design makes it a a lot more versatile vacuum. You’re implied to utilize it with 2 hands: One holding the main assembly, another directing the 4-foot hose. You can better reach tight spaces under car seats or something above your face, like at weird angles since the consumption is different from the bulky motor assembly. We likewise believe both-given style makes it more comfy like cleaning your car to use for tasks that take a couple of minutes than a typical handheld. We asked a couple of Sweethome employee to compare the sense and handling of the handful of our leading competitors, and many stated they chose limit Flex Vac’s flexibility of a regular DustBuster over the feel – design handheld. (You can run it with one hand if you cannot utilize both, too– simply set the container on a surface, press the on button, and intend the hose at exactly what you wish to get.).

The hose of the Max Flex Vac accepts attachments, another function that contributes to its flexibility. It includes 3 tools: a crevice tool, A combo tool, and an animal -hair brush. The combination device has bristles that may help get clingy particles. The crevice tool is useful as a wand extender, however it likewise makes it simpler to obtain in nooks like the storage compartments developed into car doors, the restricted places around car seats, and in between your articles of old school heaters, where years of dust can develop. We likewise discovered that the crevice tool focuses the air flow of the Max Flex Vac, enabling it to draw up heavier debris that open hose or the combo brush may battle with. If you should be a pet owner, your pet-hair brush is just a big help. It is absolutely nothing elegant, simply a rubbery surface with nubs, however it does help confine fuzz in a manner that many handhelds battle with. The brush isn’t really as fast whilst the electric turbo tools that some handhelds utilize (or that potentially included your full-size vacuum), however it finishes the job, and will not need upkeep like a motorized tool.

All the tools lock into location, too, so you will not need to stress over the crevice tool silently falling down in your garage once you’ve cleaned your vehicle.
Limit Flex Vac has lots of suction for clean-up careers. The battery peaks at 20 volts, amongst the larger currents of any portable machine. More voltage does not constantly imply better cleaning power, however it assists. We’ve evaluated limit Flex Vacuum in a variety of ways within the previous couple of years– cleansing feline hair off a couch, cleaning up dirt and pebbles and a few plant matter from the car after a weekend of outdoor camping, handling stray crumbs and feline litter– and discovered that it dependably gets most kinds of visible debris. Other user evaluates reference utilizing it to tidy cobwebs, sand, lint, dog hair, and small leaves. The raw suction is not really rather as strong as that of various other models, including our upgrade pickis, and we discovered that it battled with heavier pebbles and larger leaves. However it’s strong enough for many jobs, and the hose’s versatility assists balance out that suction disadvantage.

Black+ Decker declares that limit Flex Vac takes 4 hours to charge and contains a – 16-minute run-time. Within our assessment, which was quite precise.
Black+ Decker declares that limit Flex Vac takes 4 hours to charge and contains a – 16-minute run-time. Within our assessment, which was quite precise. That’s sufficient time to clean up a car interior fairly well, with a couple of minutes to spare. Among the big upsides of getting a lithium-ion battery (instead of NiCd) is that it preserves steady power through the charge cycle. The suction begins to drop off just of battery life in so or the last minute.

The dirt canister of the Max Flex Vac is simple to clear: Draw a latch around the side of the body of the vacuum, suggestion it towards the trash bin, provide it a whack once you’re done cleaning, and you’re done. You can pop out the entire bowl and clean it in the sink when the bin gets truly dirty, like if you unintentionally vacuum something moist, and debris begins to clump. The filter is recyclable, too. Black+ Decker states it’s washable, and we have cleaned ours without incident a couple of times, so it’s finest to shake or knock debris loose the majority of the time, but it’s a paper filter.

Limit Flex Vac has a typical Amazon user rating of 4.2 stars (from 5) throughout more than 600 evaluations, a rating that’s held stable for the previous 2 and a half years.

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